First stop in “Asia”, Singapore

So my visit to singapore was short lived. I was only in town for a few days. I was excited to visit Asia for the first time and seeing as my friend just moved here a few months ago, I figured this was a good place to start. He works in the film industry in a managerial role for a visual effects studio.

I came into singapore with really no idea of what to expect. I had seen some pictures but really have spent more time focused on other parts of the trip like Europe and Thailand. So, with no expectations I arrived in Sinagpore around 5pm, picked up some sim cards for my cell phone and mifi and headed to my buddies place. It was about 25-30 minutes from the airport and the cab cost around 35 singapore dollars (.80 USD = 1 Singapore Dollar). I was pleasantly surprised by how many people in my initial interactions spoke pretty good english. It turns out that english is the official language in Singapore.

girl in broken tooth buddha temple in singapore

I immediately noticed that Singapore looked a lot like a western city. Big buildings, lots of familiar car brands, etc. The skyline is beautiful for sure and the new installations of the Marina Bay Sands and the Art and Science Center and the Gardens by the Bay are really nice standouts against an already well developed skyline. The city just looks very modern. (more…)