Seville, Spain… Getting a little lonely

After 3 days in Seville I am starting to feel a little lonely. I have an airbnb here (when people have extra rooms they put them on airbnb and you can rent them) and my host is nice enough. However, he certainly is not a friend. He is not someone to share my experience with. And from such a great time with my hosts and friends in Madrid, this is a change for sure.

I think I’ve done a good job planning for the month of November though. I have a week with friends in Madrid. Then 4 days alone in Seville. Then 4 days with friends in Cadiz and then 4 days alone in Barcelona and about 2 weeks with friends in Bordeaux, Paris and Singapore.

Being alone isn’t all bad. I have as much time as I want to shoot my pics, visit the places I want, and spend as much time in whatever place I choose.

A girl sitting at a bar in Seville on the river:

girl sitting at a bar on the river in seville