Welcome to Spain! Aranjuez and Segovia.

One quick note about the people I’ve met so far in Spain (specifically the younger people 20-30). Most are working on learning english. My friends had a very basic understanding of English two years ago but now we have full conversations without much “como se dice” (“how do you say?”). It’s actually fun chatting with them because they are dying to learn all the normal expressions and sayings and different, more complex, words to replace the the ones they already know. It’s really cool and makes me wish I knew more Spanish (yes mom, you were right…)

I’m learning basic words here (very slowly) but most conversations with them are in English. When they are speaking to each other in Spanish I will pick up words here or there that help me understand the basic conversation they are having.

A lot of the people I met are either going to or have lived abroad to help expand their English. The two girls I am staying with, Angela (who lived in Toronto for a year before my last visit) and Andrea, are looking to move to London in a few weeks (I explained that many of the expressions and sayings I’m teaching them probably won’t apply the same there, but, o well. )

(my beautiful hosts below. Angela on the left and Andrea on the right)
Andrea and Angela in Aranjuez