road trip

Norway… Beautiful Women, Beautiful Scenery, Outrageous Prices

I am just now realizing that I’ve been traveling for more than a month without an update to the blog. I was in Spain, Ireland and back in London. I’ve done trip reports on Spain already and while Ireland was EXCELLENT, I just didn’t have the motivation to blog. It’s tough to set aside a few hours to update the blog when there is so much awesome shit happening away from the computer. I know you’ve all missed my posts so I am BACK with some info for you from Norway.

selfie in norway's handangerfjord road trip

The plan for Norway was to meet up with some friends from NY who would be doing a 5 country tour for work. They work in the youtube space and are hosting (along with some youtube personalities) a “Tour De Prank”. They have a couple of youtube ‘pranksters’ and they are being sponsored to tour Europe and create videos. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. There would be Keith and Paige who are from Long Island and DJ, their business partner, from Nebraska. Then they had about 5 pranksters and 2 of their wives. (more…)

Cross Country Roundtrip

I left nearly a month ago to move myself cross country from NY to San Diego, California. It was a big move obviously and just another move in an ongoing mission to keep my life interesting. I am looking for adventure and experiences and felt that, besides overseas travel, a cross country move would be a good way to achieve that.

I just leased a new 2014 Chrysler 200, packed my entire life (or as much of it as I could fit) into it, and got on the road. After chatting with people who had made the drive I decided to take the southern route. The “straight across” route was very boring and the northern route would mean contending with weather and also adding several days onto the trip. Furthermore, I had a bunch of places to stay along the southern route. Family in Maryland and friends in Charleston, Alabama and Phoenix would put me up and save me some cash for my hotel stays.


The drive to Marlyand was short and sweet. I left NY around 430am to avoid traffic and arrived at my cousins around 8. I had a great time hanging with their kids and had some tapas with friends who live in town for dinner. The next day I left bright and early for my 8.5 hour drive down to my buddies in Charleston. The drive was pretty boring but somewhat salvaged by a detour in the southern part of north carolina. I forced myself to take some detours throughout the trip because I quickly realized that interstates are a complete bore.