Food in France

The food throughout France was really good. I got spoiled down in Bordeaux and my hosts brought me to a couple really nice places. Le Entree Jardin and Cafe Lavinal (at the Lynch Bages Chateau) were both delicious.

My host (claudine) in bordeaux also cooked at least one meal for me just about everyday. We at everything (and drank a lot too). Between the saussison, and veal dishes, and soups… everything was GREAT!

My hosts in Paris cooked me homemade rabbit as well as sushi (one of my hosts was japanese). I also went to a place by the louvre and get a big hunk of steak tartar which was excellent (even though the waitress asked me three times if I was sure and if I understood that it was raw)

I went to Allen’s Market in Paris for thanksgiving dinner (read more in Paris Part 1)

Lastly, I got to eggs breakfast at the Park Hyatt (both of which ended up getting comped [good thing because the two added up to 75ish euros ($100 for two egg breakfasts lol) and they were OK. Not worth the cost.

Overall, french food (or the foods that I ate) was really good!! See some pictures below (they follow the descriptions above)

france-food-allens-market-scallops (more…)

Paris Part 2

The rest of paris beyond (part 1) was fun and interesting. I hit the Louvre and the Eifel tower (obviously). I also hit Arc de Triumph. All 3 were interesting locations and I think i got some decent photos. It was raining a bit each day which made the photo taking a bit of a chore. Constantly wiping the lens off and making sure the camera isn’t getting too wet is just part of the job.

Beyond the tourist sites, I was able to get together with two friends of friends that took me out for drinks and dinner (separately). I met the first women, Doro (a friend of my brother in law), over by my hotel for a couple drinks at a local bar. I met up with one of Patrick’s nephews, Pierre-Marie, at Inaro (38 Rue René Boulanger) for a drink and some apps and then over to Le Verre Volé (67 Rue de Lancry) for dinner.

The food, drinks and company were excellent all around. It was a real pleasure meeting people who are so friendly and willing to show a visited hospitality and a genuinely good time. Thanks Doro and Pierre!!

Below, I’ve included photos from around the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. I hope you enjoy!

paris-louvre-ferris-wheel-close-at-night (more…)

Paris Part 1

So there I was in Paris. Fresh off my visit with my great friends in Bordeaux, I was looking forward to the city of lights. I’d heard great things and was also getting more excited to wrap up my European part of the trip. I was also extremely excited to get to stay at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome. This is a super high class hotel that I was staying at for free (rooms start at around $1,000/night) because of a signup/spending bonus on my Hyatt card from Chase (2 free nights at any hyatt in the world after reaching the required spend)

Anyway, I’ve detailed my stay at the Vendome in THIS POST so I won’t describe the stay in this one.

After landing at ORY airport, south of Paris, I headed to the metro/shuttle that would take me right into the heart of town. I was advise prior to arrival that taxi’s from the airport can run as much as 60-70 euros (almost $100) so I figured I’d find another option. The orlyval (think thats what it’s called) runs a shuttle from the airport to a local metro stop. Then, switch to the metro and get off about a 10 minute walk from my friends place. Easy as pie.

street musicians in paris along the river seine

I met with friends and we toured around town a bit. We picked up some rabbit to cook at home and other then the weather being a bit crappy, it was a nice ‘welcome’ to the city. We got into the subway and on a bus so it helped me get acclimated for the rest of the trip.