chiang mai

Lions, Tigers and Lady Boys… O My!

I love me some Chiang Mai. What a cool place to visit and a fun place to hang around for a week. Marina and me were only supposed to be in chiang mai for a couple of days, but after checking the weather down in the islands, we decided to stay longer. The weather was supposed to be pretty ugly and considering the only real things to do in the islands is water related, I decided I would hang in Chiang Mai.

thailand-chiang-mai-tigers-baby-payI have a friend living in CM who I met last december when I was here last so I was looking forward to seeing him and also just looking forward to staying in one place for a little while. We’ve been constantly moving and only spending a few days in any given city. I was really happy to just hang in CM and spend some time with my friend, Phil, and just relax for the last part of my trip. (more…)

Lady Boys, Elephants, Muy Thai and more

Thailand continues to get better. My next stop on my trek was Chiang Mai, which is south of Chiang Rai but still north of Bangkok. I had my friend Elyse from Chiang Rai set me up with a friend of hers in Chiang Mai which ended up being a really great connection. 

I took a 3 hour taxi ride from the hotel in CR down to my hotel in CM. I had a few other options but this seemed best. Considering all the gear that I had with me, this felt like the best bet. A bus would have cost me $5-$10 and the taxi ended up costing me about $85. It was a pleasant ride, with water provided and the ability to stop when I needed to. 

I arrived to my hotel around 7pm and got checked in. I was hoping for a better experience than I had up in CR and seeing as it was the same hotel brand, I was a bit nervous. I quickly realized that the staff here spoke much better English and they seemed to understand some of the more “complex” questions that I had. I was able to convince them to get me free Internet (the fact that hotels (especially expensive) ones still charge for Internet is a joke) and get an Ethernet cable sent to my room as well. 

street art in chiang mai thailand

A front desk agent took me to my room and showed me around a bit. It was nice, well laid out had a nice big bathroom and that same comfy bed and pillows I had in CR. The view from my room faced the mountains outside the city. The hotel food options were the same as in CR so I was really motivated to get out of the hotel. We were more centrally located this time so I figured it wouldn’t be as difficult. The hotel is about 20 minutes by foot to either the south gate or west gate. The old city is surrounded by a moat with “gates” on all 4 sides. The hotel is also locate literally one minute from the very famous night bazaar (more on this later). There were plenty of restaurants to go to during the day and plenty of street food stalls to try at night when the markets were going.  (more…)

Thailand Food

This post is going to be a bit rough as I am throwing it together pretty quickly.

My experience in Thailand with food has been GREAT! It has opened up a whole new world of food options for me. Whereas before I was afraid and didn’t understand Thai food, know I know what to eat, what things are, and what I like.

My first night in Chiang Mai I went to South Gate and tried a bunch of different things like chopped up pork leg w/ rice ($1), sticky rice and mango ($1), a pork skewer (5thb [1 usd=30thb]), spicy squid skewer (25thb). All this food cost me about $3 and it was all delicious.

I ate at “the kitchen” right next to my hotel for a couple of meals
Lunch – Phad grapao gai – fried basil leaves with chicken, spicy get it with a fried egg
Breakfast –  Tung tong (minced shrimp in wrap) – Noodle soup Chicken –
Lunch –  Nam (assortment of pork sausage), chiang Mai noodles, tung tong

Then I went over to Tha Phea Gate for breakfast another day and found some small fried eggs and some kind of spinach wrapped in noodle I got a few other skewers as well. The whole meal cost me about $2.


Street stall at BanZaan Marketing in Patong which is about 10 minutes away from my hotel. banzaan fresh market in phuket thailandPhad grapao gai – fried basil leaves with chicken, spicy get it with a fried egg IMG_1498Tung Tong – Minced shrimp in side an spring roll type shellIMG_1502 Noodle Soup with chickenIMG_1503Phil eating chicken intestines or maybe hearts, I don’t rememberIMG_1508

A sushi assortment at BanZaan Fresh Market in Patong in Phuket, ThailandIMG_1532Silkworm in Phuket (BanZaan)IMG_1533Grasshopper in Phuket (BanZaan)IMG_1534