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$10,000++ in honey moon savings. not bad

I was talking to a friend thats got some big purchases coming up this year. I told him we should try to figure out a way to make the most out of them. It took about 20 minutes but we figured out a way to put him at a $500+/night hotel in maui with roundtrip airfare for 2 weeks. his cost… $0.

It’s a savings of more than $10,000 just for making the purchases he would already have been making. There’s an example spreadsheet below that details (a bit) how one might make this all happen. This is a lot of spending and a bunch of cards. So don’t just jump into this without putting some serious thought into and and preferably discussing it with me first.


Free Travel & Lodging for your Honeymoon

The following is from an email I sent to two friends getting married this year. This will work for just about any couple with good (720ish) or better credit. Everyone’s situation is different, but I am happy to chat with you if you have questions.


The first thing I tell anyone who is asking me for credit card help and suggestions and planning is the key to ALL of this is paying your WHOLE BALANCE in FULL at the end of EVERY MONTH. NEVER carry a balance on an interest bearing credit card (unless you absolutely have to). If you start paying interest all these points you are earning become less valuable because you are now essentially “paying” for those points with the interest. The reason credit card companies give out these bonuses is to entice people to open cards in a hope they fall into debt. But that WON’T happen with you guys. You’re too smart for that!!

The key is, don’t live beyond your means. Just because you have a shinny new credit card doesn’t mean that you have to use it. I have more than 18 cards currently open and the only one that carries any balance month to month is a zero interest card [the slate card (discussed below)] at like $900. I’ll have that paid off shortly. I only carry a couple of cards in my wallet and the rest are sitting in a drawer.


Whats the one card you would recommend.. loaded question

Heres another “Chat With Friends Post”. This is my friend, lets call her M.E. who had some questions about what the best cards are and some ways of saving on her honeymoon travel.

PS [please excuse spelling/grammar/punctuation, etc. this convo took place on facebook chat]

PPS [please do your OWN research or contact me directly before making any decisions regarding your own credit cards, travel plans etc. information, details, offers, etc may change. i am also not an expert and do not claim responsibility if you find better offers then the ones that I discuss]

And here we go!

M.E. – hi Seth!!  Hope all is well!

I’ve been noticing all your posts about travel Credit Cards.. if you were to recommend one, which would it be?

BTW- Your upcoming trip looks AMAZING!!!   I hope you have a great time!!!!



A Casual, Friendly Conversation

I had a friend of mine facebook message me yesterday. He had some questions about my upcoming trip and how I was able to put it all together. He also had some specific questions about some cards he has and wanted some details about whether or not he was utilizing them properly (he was not). Please excuse grammar, spelling, etc. If there’s anything you need more information on, you can Google just about all of it.

Again, this was a casual conversation. Before you make any decisions about your own credit, cards to apply for, programs to use, etc you should do your own research. Here is the conversation below. CMZ is my friend and I’m me (obviously).