First Few Weeks In SD

So I’m on a flight back to NY for about 10 days for some weddings and to be with my dad for a surgery. My first 2.5 weeks in San Diego have been GREAT! It has been exactly what I wanted/needed and I feel like I am on a good path to success out here. My days have been filled with activities (and tacos) and I’ve been meeting some great people.

 My roommates are pretty cool and we have a couple of dogs wandering around the place which is cool. The weather has been mostly excellent and I’ve been getting into the cali lifestyle. The only time I’ve worn sneakers has been to go to the gym (otherwise im wearing sandals) and I think I’ve worn jeans twice. I’ve been doing my best to get acclimated to the lifestyle and think its going ok. There has been a couple of times at restaurants where I had to stop my self from the typical NY’er reaction when things where taking to long. But I’m working on my patience.

One of the best things I had the pleasure of doing since I got to SD was learning to Scuba. I signed up for a NAUI course (similar to PADI) and have done my coursework and 2 pool dives. It has gone great and I am looking forward to doing my ocean dives when I get back to SD in late April. The timing should work out great as I am going to Asia again in May-June.

[below, the Flower Fields, in Carlsbad, Ca]

Carlsbad, California - Flower Fields


Cross Country Roundtrip

I left nearly a month ago to move myself cross country from NY to San Diego, California. It was a big move obviously and just another move in an ongoing mission to keep my life interesting. I am looking for adventure and experiences and felt that, besides overseas travel, a cross country move would be a good way to achieve that.

I just leased a new 2014 Chrysler 200, packed my entire life (or as much of it as I could fit) into it, and got on the road. After chatting with people who had made the drive I decided to take the southern route. The “straight across” route was very boring and the northern route would mean contending with weather and also adding several days onto the trip. Furthermore, I had a bunch of places to stay along the southern route. Family in Maryland and friends in Charleston, Alabama and Phoenix would put me up and save me some cash for my hotel stays.


The drive to Marlyand was short and sweet. I left NY around 430am to avoid traffic and arrived at my cousins around 8. I had a great time hanging with their kids and had some tapas with friends who live in town for dinner. The next day I left bright and early for my 8.5 hour drive down to my buddies in Charleston. The drive was pretty boring but somewhat salvaged by a detour in the southern part of north carolina. I forced myself to take some detours throughout the trip because I quickly realized that interstates are a complete bore.


Trip Report: San Diego, California

San Diego 

We found the Doubletree (at hotel circle) which I arranged through the JetBlue getaways. I didn’t do too much research because I’ve stayed at doubletrees before and been pretty pleased. We walked in to find that this one has a pool and Jacuzzi. The pool is heated and the Jacuzzi was a nice relaxing way to wash away the day of driving.

As a Hilton honors member we got free cookies and waters at check in. They have a nice business center where we could print our zoo tickets and boarding passes.

The room was nice with 2 queen beds and a sleeper sofa. It also featured a really nice balcony over looking the pool (our room was on the 6th floor).


Trip Report: Santa Barbara, California pt.2

Picking up car at hertz:

This was a pretty standard pick up in my opinion.  The only thing that was a problem was that when I booked the trip through JetBlue getaways it removed my eligibly for the hertz gold. This was a little inconvenient (although not very).  I still went into the “vip” section anyway and the rest of the rental process was standard

Santa Barbara

We drove from Lax to Santa Barbara. We took the more inland route and planned to take the more coastal route on the way from Santa Barbara to lax after our wedding.


Trip Report: Santa Barbara, California

Flying to lax from JFK on JetBlue:

Got to the airport right around 6am this morning for a 7am fight for a wedding in Santa Barbara this weekend. My friends had gotten there a bit earlier and where already through security at the gate.

When I travel, especially domestically, I have a little trick which I use to help me get front row seating and some other benefits (on JetBlue you get a priority line for security and priority boarding at the gate). I can’t share this trick with you though. I’m going to keep it as my little secret… sorry