Air Berlin

Airberlin: JFK to Berlin, Berlin to Madrid

On to my first flight. We left JFK about 35 minutes late (which is no problem on such a long flight because they make up for it in the air [why don’t they always just go as fast as they can? seems silly lol]). I was able to use my little trick (my secret, sorry) to get priority boarding as well as the priority seating we discussed in the previous post.

Below you can see a shot of the plane, empty. Beyond the “doors” in the back is another economy cabin, with a first class cabin in front of me (or my back when I took the photo). As you can see, the configuration in economy is 2, 5, 2. The seats were reasonably comfortable and I had enough leg room (although I was in the bulkhead seat [the first seat with only a wall in front] and was also on the aisle (because that’s how I like to roll).  The gentlemen next to me, Jan, from Sweden (who was a super interesting and cool guy) was about 6 foot 3 and did have a little bit of discomfort.