Pig Roasts, Scuba and Bday Parties in Sanur

Our last stop in Bali was in Sanur. We were able to get hooked up with two villas in the same complex, about 200 feet from each other. Our first night there we had a suckling pig on a spit cookout. We made a feast. It was the 15 of us and also some friends of one of the girls parents. It was Sue (julia’s mom) birthday week and we had a great time celebrating with Sue, Allan and their friends.


The next day was an early one as we got picked up for scuba around 730. The whole group was going this time which was great. Some would be snorkeling and some would scuba. We got to the boat dock and headed out for Manta Point (where we’d swim with big manta rays) and Crystal Bay. It was a great day of diving and it was nice to have everyone together. 

For our first dive we had a bit of a problem because there didn’t seem to be enough gear for everyone (this was resolved for the second dive). I tend to use my oxygen pretty quickly (which is apparently normal for a new diver) so my dives were kind of quick, 40 minutes for the first, and 45 minutes for the second.

The first dive at manta point was really awesome. We saw 4 or 5 huge mantas that were likely the size of a car. It was amazing to see them and get to swim around with them a bit. After our first dive was done, we reloaded into the boat, got some lunch (nasi goering and mi goering) and headed to the next dive spot.

The water at crystal bay was just that, crystal clear. We got to dive some really beautiful scenery and coral and such. Overall it was a really good day and it was great that everyone decided to go out together.

We got back from scuba around 430 and started prepping for Sue’s big birthday bash which was at their villa just down the block. It was quite the party, complete with balinese dancers, a full band, buffet food and lots of good times. Sue is such a great lady from the limited interactions I’ve had with her, so it was our pleasure to help her celebrate.

bali-sanur-sue-dinner-tim bali-sanur-sue-dinner-pro-dancer bali-sanur-sue-dinner-nikki bali-sanur-sue-dinner-nicci bali-sanur-sue-dinner-group-photo bali-sanur-sue-dinner-kenny-daniel bali-sanur-sue-dinner-matt-dancing bali-sanur-sue-dinner-matt bali-sanur-sue-dinner-michelle bali-sanur-sue-dinner-cam-nicci

Our last night in Bali was spent at a beach side seafood restaurant. It was, by far, the most expensive meal of the trip and while the food could have been better, the atmosphere couldn’t be beat. We enjoyed sunrise and some live ‘mariachi’ type band walking around and singing to everyone while they ate. It was an excellent way to spend our last evening in bali.

bali-sanur-beach-sunset bali-sanur-beach-dog bali-sanur-beach-kids-playing

After dinner we went back towards our villas in sanur. We tried to get to a local bar that had midget wrestling but we got there too late. We hung out at the bar and listened to the live band and karaoke they had going on. We smoked some hookah and just hung out as most of us would be leaving the next day.

Marina and I got up the next day, packed, and headed to the airport for our trip to Cambodia.

It was such a pleasure to spend this time in Bali with this crew. When traveling with such a large group of people there are so many things that could go wrong. But everyone got along surprisingly well. I’ve made some new friends and some great memories.

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