Bali Butt, Roosters, BBQ, Sushi and Submarines

Our first stop in Bali was over in Seminyak. Once I got through immigration I was greeted by the driver from our villa. We made a stop to pick up sim cards for my phone (unlocked iphone) and mifi unit (this one). It took about 30 minutes and cost about $40 for everything. There is just something very reassuring and comforting knowing that you have cell service wherever you are. Lots of the other people on the trip relied on wifi at restaurants or bars, but I prefer to have the constant connection. It gives me a bit of peace of mind to know that if I get separated or lost, I can just pull out my phone and make a call or pull up google maps.. It’s also important for me to have ‘reliable’ (this is said with a grain of salt in asia) wifi seeing as most hotels or in this case villas have TERRIBLE wifi connections and I would need to be doing some work during the trip.

Seminyak is pretty accessible although it is a complete free-for-all when it comes to driving on the road. Between the scooters and taxis, you really have to pay attention to whats going on. The area we stayed in was pretty well populated and our villa was located just a few short turns off the main strip. The beach was about a 10 minute walk and all the shops and restaurants we need were between us and there. If you are interested in getting a villa here in bali, you should check out Villa Zara in seminyak.

our villa and cabana in seminyak, bali indonesia

I arrived at the villa and was greeted by everyone with a big “happy birthday” (it was my 30th on the day of my arrival).We had secured two villas right next to each other which made making plans and partying super easy. We divided up the rooms and starting boozing. Each villa had 4 bedrooms surrounding a large pool area.

seminyak bali indonesia villa and pool

I woke up my first morning and realized that I had spilled some water on my computer keyboard over night …. :( The next 2 hours were spent on the back of our maid’s scooter trying to find a place to first fix the keyboard, and then when that wouldnt work, find one to replace it. While I would have rather been with everyone else at the beach, it was a cool way to explore the city and surrounding areas. Riding on a scooter here in Seminyak is an adventure in it’s own right and adding a 200lb man to the back of it didnt make it any easier, im sure.

I met up with the rest of the group around 1 and we ate on the beach and then walked back to our villa. The maids had just finished cleaning all the rooms and all the mess from the night before and we promptly proceeded to make a new mess. The maids/cooks were at the villas from around 7am to noon and would make us breakfast with food we had them pick up the night before.

First Official Scuba Dive

Myself and my travel buddy Marina decided to do a day of scuba. She is working on her certification and I just got mine so I was excited to get in the water.

scuba dock
our boat launch

We were able to make arrangements through our villa owner who also operates a dive company here in Bali. We got picked up around 730 (which was real tough to wake up for) and took an 1.5 hour drive to the dock where we launched the boat from. The dive location was only about 5 minutes by boat so we had plenty of time to finish teaching marina her skills and get in the water. Diving in bali is WAY easier than in California. The water is considerably warmer and the visibility is much greater. There were plenty of things to see and our instructor, Kristen, did a great job with us. I would highly recommend DiveInBali if you are in the area. They also took our whole group of about 16 out later in the week (more on that later). The dive cost $140 american and included all the food and drinks we needed for the day and all the gear/equipment as well. We had Nasi Goering and Mi Goering (one rice dish and one noodle dish) for lunch which was good enough and helped replenish some nutrients.

We dove at two different locations and got to see tons of wildlife and coral and such. We spotted some eels and cuddle fish, some angel fish and, awkwardly enough, a submarine…. yes! a submarine.

There I was, just swimming along, when kristen turned around and her eyes widened to a point where they probably couldnt get any wide. She pointed towards me and in that moment I thought I was for sure dead. I accepted my fate and figured there was some giant shark behind. I hesitated and debated briefly if I should turn around or just let this beast swallow me whole. At her prompting, I turned around. There was no shark. There was, however, a 40 foot submarine barreling towards me. (It was some kind of touristy quasi scuba experience type thing). Whatever it was, I got the hell out of there and as I caught my bearings, there was kristen, just laughing away. Quite the experience for a first time diver.

Once the dive was over we got back to the dock and arrived back at the villa around 2.

Roosters and BBQ’s

We had one night that we did a BBQ (obviously I manned the grill, per usual). My friends Mike and Alisa of the now prestigious happened to be in Bali and overlap with us for a day so they made it to the villa and we partied old school style. We got some flipcup going (again, as per usual) and rocked out. It was great to be able to spend some time with friends from home and have it all work out all the way across the world. We had another special guest to our party as well. Some of the guys thought it would be a good idea to ‘rent’ a rooster and play a prank on one of the other guys. While the prank didnt work out as played, we now had an honorary roommate (and alarm clock).


Sushi, Jazz and a Whole Lot of Tequila

For our last night in seminyak we all went out to dinner at Ryoshi, a Jazz/Sushi restaurant. The sushi was OK and they really only had basic rolls, but the saki was good, the company was great and the band was superb. (we tried to hire the band for a party later in the week and they wanted $5000 american dollars. I told the guy to fuck off and that he was crazy and that was the end of that). After dinner some of us went to Hotel Mexicola for some drinks. We played a drinking game called kings. In short, you take a deck of cards and each person draws in a semi circle. each card has a rule attached to it. 6 for dicks (guys drink).. 4 for whores (girls drink), kings are for categories (whereas as the person who draws the card says ‘types of cars’ or something similar. the first person to hesitate in naming something in the category has to drink)… you get the point. So, 3 hours and a bottle of tequila later, we got back to the villas having had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Seminyak treated us well for sure. Everyone got along and it was a great introduction to Bali and Indonesia.

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