First Few Weeks In SD

So I’m on a flight back to NY for about 10 days for some weddings and to be with my dad for a surgery. My first 2.5 weeks in San Diego have been GREAT! It has been exactly what I wanted/needed and I feel like I am on a good path to success out here. My days have been filled with activities (and tacos) and I’ve been meeting some great people.

 My roommates are pretty cool and we have a couple of dogs wandering around the place which is cool. The weather has been mostly excellent and I’ve been getting into the cali lifestyle. The only time I’ve worn sneakers has been to go to the gym (otherwise im wearing sandals) and I think I’ve worn jeans twice. I’ve been doing my best to get acclimated to the lifestyle and think its going ok. There has been a couple of times at restaurants where I had to stop my self from the typical NY’er reaction when things where taking to long. But I’m working on my patience.

One of the best things I had the pleasure of doing since I got to SD was learning to Scuba. I signed up for a NAUI course (similar to PADI) and have done my coursework and 2 pool dives. It has gone great and I am looking forward to doing my ocean dives when I get back to SD in late April. The timing should work out great as I am going to Asia again in May-June.

[below, the Flower Fields, in Carlsbad, Ca]

Carlsbad, California - Flower Fields

Update: it is now the end of april. Ive been in SD for just over a month, give or take and couldn’t be happier.

I have been exploring everything this place has to offer from nightlife, to food, to people, etc. It has been GREAT. The weather here has been great about 85% of the time and even on days that it isn’t, its still considerably nicer than it would be in NY at this time of year. I’ve got my tan in full effect and can’t wait to see what else this place has in store for me.

Some of the places that I’ve been that I really like so far are:

Pacific Beach: my new hometown. filled with bars, restaurants and taco shops (many of which overlook the ocean) this place has it all. My house is 5 minutes from the ocean and everything I need is between here and there. I’ve got my favorite taco spot, Oscars (on Emerald st). I have my fluff and fold lady, Ms. Bubbles (on Garnett), what I think is quickly becoming my favorite bar, Duck Dive (also on Emerald, right next to oscars). It is all coming together out here and I love it.

Pacific beach pier… one of the main attractions here in PB


From the pier in Pacific Beach:


The Flower Fields: I went here with a friend last week and this place is super cool. It’s just acre after acre of flowers. Its a great date spot, photography spot, or casual chill spot to just check out.

Encinitas: just about 25 minutes north of Pacific Beach (between me and the flower fields) is the town of Encinitas. What a cool spot. I went to Lobster West on the way to the flower fields for some New England style lobster roles. They were EXCELLENT (sorry, no photo). The town itself is really pretty with tons of shops and restaurants and great ocean views. We found a great vista, only a couple blocks from Lobster West, which I will FOR SURE be visiting again.

La Jolla: One of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. Many of the beaches are lined with small rocks (instead of sand) that making this incredible “whooosh, whooosh” sound when the waves go in and out. So peaceful.IMG_1741

Another La Jolla Shores spot. Found this on the first day I went for scuba. Had to pull over and take it in. IMG_1729

Lahainas right on the ocean. Literally a stones throw from the water.


PB Shore Club overlooking the ocean. Second story view looking right out to the ocean.


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