Thailand Food

This post is going to be a bit rough as I am throwing it together pretty quickly.

My experience in Thailand with food has been GREAT! It has opened up a whole new world of food options for me. Whereas before I was afraid and didn’t understand Thai food, know I know what to eat, what things are, and what I like.

My first night in Chiang Mai I went to South Gate and tried a bunch of different things like chopped up pork leg w/ rice ($1), sticky rice and mango ($1), a pork skewer (5thb [1 usd=30thb]), spicy squid skewer (25thb). All this food cost me about $3 and it was all delicious.

I ate at “the kitchen” right next to my hotel for a couple of meals
Lunch – Phad grapao gai – fried basil leaves with chicken, spicy get it with a fried egg
Breakfast –  Tung tong (minced shrimp in wrap) – Noodle soup Chicken –
Lunch –  Nam (assortment of pork sausage), chiang Mai noodles, tung tong

Then I went over to Tha Phea Gate for breakfast another day and found some small fried eggs and some kind of spinach wrapped in noodle I got a few other skewers as well. The whole meal cost me about $2.


Street stall at BanZaan Marketing in Patong which is about 10 minutes away from my hotel. banzaan fresh market in phuket thailandPhad grapao gai – fried basil leaves with chicken, spicy get it with a fried egg IMG_1498Tung Tong – Minced shrimp in side an spring roll type shellIMG_1502 Noodle Soup with chickenIMG_1503Phil eating chicken intestines or maybe hearts, I don’t rememberIMG_1508

A sushi assortment at BanZaan Fresh Market in Patong in Phuket, ThailandIMG_1532Silkworm in Phuket (BanZaan)IMG_1533Grasshopper in Phuket (BanZaan)IMG_1534

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