Paris Part 2

The rest of paris beyond (part 1) was fun and interesting. I hit the Louvre and the Eifel tower (obviously). I also hit Arc de Triumph. All 3 were interesting locations and I think i got some decent photos. It was raining a bit each day which made the photo taking a bit of a chore. Constantly wiping the lens off and making sure the camera isn’t getting too wet is just part of the job.

Beyond the tourist sites, I was able to get together with two friends of friends that took me out for drinks and dinner (separately). I met the first women, Doro (a friend of my brother in law), over by my hotel for a couple drinks at a local bar. I met up with one of Patrick’s nephews, Pierre-Marie, at Inaro (38 Rue René Boulanger) for a drink and some apps and then over to Le Verre Volé (67 Rue de Lancry) for dinner.

The food, drinks and company were excellent all around. It was a real pleasure meeting people who are so friendly and willing to show a visited hospitality and a genuinely good time. Thanks Doro and Pierre!!

Below, I’ve included photos from around the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. I hope you enjoy!

paris-louvre-ferris-wheel-close-at-night paris-louvre-arc-de-triump paris-louvre-ferris-wheel-lamp-post paris-louvre-ferris-wheel-further-away paris-louvre-ferris-wheel-red-head-couple paris-louvre-couple-black-and-white paris-eifel-tower-sideways-treeline-brown paris-eifel-tower-underneath-blue paris-eifel-tower-underneath-grey paris-eifel-tower-wide-through-wall-for-peace-brown paris-eifel-tower-wide-through-wall-for-peace

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