Food in France

The food throughout France was really good. I got spoiled down in Bordeaux and my hosts brought me to a couple really nice places. Le Entree Jardin and Cafe Lavinal (at the Lynch Bages Chateau) were both delicious.

My host (claudine) in bordeaux also cooked at least one meal for me just about everyday. We at everything (and drank a lot too). Between the saussison, and veal dishes, and soups… everything was GREAT!

My hosts in Paris cooked me homemade rabbit as well as sushi (one of my hosts was japanese). I also went to a place by the louvre and get a big hunk of steak tartar which was excellent (even though the waitress asked me three times if I was sure and if I understood that it was raw)

I went to Allen’s Market in Paris for thanksgiving dinner (read more in Paris Part 1)

Lastly, I got to eggs breakfast at the Park Hyatt (both of which ended up getting comped [good thing because the two added up to 75ish euros ($100 for two egg breakfasts lol) and they were OK. Not worth the cost.

Overall, french food (or the foods that I ate) was really good!! See some pictures below (they follow the descriptions above)

france-food-allens-market-scallops france-food-allens-market-turkey-dinner france-food-bernard-rabbit france-food-bernard-sushi france-food-le-entree-jardin-apple-pie france-food-le-entree-jardin-chicken-potatoes france-food-le-entree-jardin-desert france-food-le-entree-jardin-fish-cake france-food-Le-verre-vole-seafood france-food-louvre-steak-tartar france-food-park-hyatt-eggs-benedict france-food-park-hyatt-scrambled-eggs

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