Finnair – Paris-Helsinki-Singapore

Well, that was a long ass flight… The flight from Helsinki to Singapore was about 11 hours. Thank god for sleeping pills.

I was able to get to the airport in paris a bit early and convince the nice lady behind the counter to set me up with some bulkhead seating on both flights. I knew my head would probably explode if I had someone’s seat back in my lap for 11 hours, so bulkhead was key. The flight from paris to singapore was uneventful. The finnair crew is very friendly, the seats are relatively comfortable and I got some booze and kicked back.


The flight from Helsinki to Singapore was good. I had a nice guy from Sweden sitting next to me. We chatted for about an hour after take off and we both knew we wanted to get some sleep (the flight left helsinki around 11:55pm local time). I knew I would be fighting some jetlag if I didn’t get some sleep but also knew my sleep schedule would be screwed regardless. The flight landed around 5:30pm local singapore time which is 6 hours ahead of helsinki time. Traveling through all these time zones definitely takes its toll.

A note about the lounge (Almost@Home) in the Helsinki airport:

I am a member of priority pass through my amex platinum card. I think membership is about $100 but mine was comped with the Platinum card. Anyway, I was able to access this lounge with my priority pass and was grateful because I had a 4 hour layover. The lounge is really cool. It’s not your typical airport lounge. You walk in and it looks a lot like a home. (besides the buffet counters).  There were big couches in front of a tv, an area with a play station and bean bag chairs, and just a really homey feeling.

IMG_1448 IMG_1446 IMG_1447



The plane was in a 2 x 3 x 2 format. The seats were relatively comfortable as previously mentioned. In the bulkhead we had tv’s that come from under the seat. They were pretty large and we got free movies. I choose ‘sideways’ and figured i’d get through a movie and dinner and then pop a couple pills and pass out. Plan… successful…

Dinner was a choice between a beef dish or a tortellini pasta with some kind of pesto. I went for the tort as I still don’t trust airline ‘meat’. It was ‘passable’. With a bit of pepper it was acceptable.

paris-finnair-flight-seat  paris-finnair-flightparis-finnair-flight-dinner-tortelliniparis-finnair-flight-breakfast

I passed out for a short while after dinner before sideways was over. After I woke up I popped my sleeping pill, drank a glass of wine and got ‘comfy’ for the long haul and my attempt at sleep. I was very surprised that I only woke up a few times throughout the night and when I realized breakfast was being served (about 1.5 hours before we were set to land) I actually felt rested.

Overall, it was as pleasurable as I could have expected from an 11hour trip in economy. And, for a free flight, I guess you can’t complain too much.

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