Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome rooms are beautiful. I was able to get upgraded because of my hyatt status and have a king bed overlooking the Rue de la Paix.

The customer service here is great. I’ve been emailing with the concierge for about 3 weeks, figuring out rooming options, upgrade availability and even getting a list of places close by that might have some sort of thanksgiving menu for the holiday.

I just received a call from Melanie, one of the concierge women who I’ve been emailing with. She was not here when I checked in, but called me to make sure everything is ok. Thats true service!

The room is gorgeous. They have everything you need. Plenty of outlets, a big TV, really comfy bed, an actual ethernet cable to connect your laptop. They have a jbl iphone speaker with great sound.

Lots of little luxuries as well; free cookies, slippers, robes, a scale and hair dryer, TONS of teas and bottled water which are all free, a fully stocked mini bar (not free), an umbrella for the duration of your stay, etc.

They have outlets on both sides of the bed (you’d be surprised how rare this is). They have electronic blinds on the two huge sets of windows that go out to the terrace. I didn’t realize how great these would be at first. But each night while laying in bed about to fall asleep I would close the blinds with a flip of a switch. And when I woke up in the morning it was a pleasure to flip that same switch and have the sun fill the room.

The room itself is very large and the bathroom has a 10×10 shower/tub area with a rainfall (showerhead above you from the ceiling). I found myself taking extra showers when I didn’t really need to because they were so pleasurable.

It really seems like they paid attention to every little detail here and it shows.

Melanie really hooked it up in the end. I found out that both of my breakfasts were comped (totally more than 60 euros. Also, I was left with a bottle of wine and candies when I arrived back to my hotel after sightseeing the first day and the second day was given a perfume kit from the hotels own ‘scent collection’ (unfortunately I wasn’t able to take this with me because I would have had to check them at the airport).

One other thought I had was I never felt like a “comped room” guest. Meaning, I never felt like I was being treated differently because I wasn’t actually paying for the room. I was afforded what I assume was the same, high quality, service as everyone else. Always greeted with a smile in person, a “hello Mr. Meyerowitz” on the phone and a sense of being right at home.

What a pleasant experience and a great end to the Europe part of my trip!

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