Beautiful Bordeaux

This was my second trip to Bordeaux and it did NOT disappoint. I will preface this post by saying I had some really really awesome hosts that showed me around and treated me completely like family. Your experience may be different because of this but I think you would still enjoy a trip here.  The last time I was in Bordeaux I was just discovering this story about my grandfather and the french resistance people who saved his life. It was a very emotional, but short, trip. I was so engulfed in the discovery process that I felt I needed to come back to really enjoy my visit in a more relaxed fashion. So that’s what I did. My hosts, Patrick and Claudine (and Patrick’s sister Kiki) rolled out the red carpet for sure.

[Photo Preview] The exterior of the Chateau in Cadillac, France

The Exterior of the cadillac chateau

I picked up my Enterprise rental car after arriving from Barcelona via Vueling airlines and headed over to Patrick and Clo’s place in Floirac about 25 minutes from the airport and just east of the river that runs through Bordeaux. They have a beautiful home with a large yard and garden, big trees and a nice little guest house (for me :) ). Claudine had lunched prepared (she is a great chef) and after we went to pick up a sim card for my phone and mifi (an adventure all its own). The rest of the day was fairly uneventful.

For the first couple of days we traveled all around the Bordeaux area. We visited Cadillac and visited the Chateau and the church across the street. We also hi

t up this really classy place for lunch, L’Entree Jardin (in Cadillac), which was delicious.

Over the weekend I had a great visit with Kiki, and Patrick’s other brother Jean-Claude. We all got together to discuss the book that I am working on about my grandfathers story and also about the story of their mother, Gisele, who was a super cool lady who fought in the resistance against German occupation 70 years ago during WWII. It was amazing hearing more of their stories and really insightful. I am so happy I was able to meet this family before it was too late.

After lunch I met up with some more of Patrick’s relatives. Brice is my age and we met up with his parents Maryse and Jean-Luc for dinner at their place on the west side of Bordeaux followed by a night on the town after which I slept at Brice’s.

Bordeaux is quite interesting to party in. It was a saturday night and we got going around 11. We hit a couple of local bars and eventual (around 2am) went out for what was supposed to be the highlight of the evening. I-Boat is a bar… on a boat. Sounds like a good idea right. Well after about 1.5hrs waiting on line (I HATE waiting on lines at clubs and refuse to do it in Manhattan as there is always somewhere else to go. But, being the guest, I followed along. The place was cool I guess. Club/dance floor on the lower deck, bar/chill music on the second deck and a third bar/smoking area on the third deck which was kind of indoor/outdoor. It wasn’t my scene anymore. I like a more relaxed environment nowadays (in my old age). It was good for a story but that was about it. We took a $35 euro cab ride back to Brice’s place and called it a night.

Sunday I got around town a bit and got a little photography done. I had been here for 2 full days last year so I didn’t really shoot much.

[I thought it would be good to split my Bordeaux trip into two posts. The other one can be ACCESSED HERE ]

The interior of the church in Cadillac, FranceThe Interior of the Church in Cadillac FranceThe exterior of the Church in Cadillac, FranceThe Exterior of the Church in Cadillac FranceI call this one “Ups and Downs” it is from the interior of the Chateau in Cadillac, and downs in the chateau in cadillac france

Reflection at Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux FranceReflecion in Bordeaux at Place de la Bourse

Another Reflection along the river in Bordeaux FranceBordeaux France reflection along the river


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