Uneventful Barcelona…

Perhaps I was overhyped for this leg of the trip. I was looking forward to Barcelona because most of my friends and people I’ve met so far have told me that Barcelona is great and I would really enjoy it. Perhaps is was the poor weather for the first 36 hours of my visit. Or perhaps it was the fact that my airbnb on my first night was shit and both of my hosts had the flu. Perhaps is was the fact that it was considerably more expensive then the rest of spain which I felt was all very reasonably priced.

Whatever the reason, I did not really enjoy my time in Barcelona. I found that while the Gaudi buildings were interesting and nice to look at, they were quite expensive and even the park was more than $10 for entrance… I mean its a park, come on guys…. (more info HERE)

main ceiling in la segrada familia in barcelona. a gaudi building

Some good things:

The metro was super easy to use and I was able to figure out which lines to take and where to enter etc pretty quickly.

My second airbnb was excellent. I was with a very nice couple around 30-35 years old. The girl spoke english while the guy did not. He was a chef and I don’t think she worked much (beyond managing the airbnb room and guests. I was able to have a couple of really nice and interesting conversations with her and learned that they will be flying to Mexico in january to prospect on buying some land there. The plan is to build a green home and bungalows and rent them. She was really sweet and made me feel very much at home even leaving breakfast for me each morning.

More “bad” things:

I visited Le Segrada Familia on my first full day in Barcelona. I stood in line for about 30 minutes in the rain, no worries, I had an umbrella. (the (cute) girl in front of me did not and was getting soaked. There was a guy walking buy selling umbrellas but for some reason she didn’t buy one. I thought I’d be a gentlemen and offer a part of mine although it was barely big enough for the both of us. I barely got a smile for the 20 minutes we stood next to each other. I guess the story of meeting my wife on line in spain by offering here my umbrella didnt work out…. o, well)

The Segrada was nice enough and the interior was certainly beautiful. I was a bit turned off however because the second I walked in i was told to remove my hat. Normally, no bid deal. But I didn’t really have anywhere to put it and ended up kinda stuffing it into my pants. I was then told no tripods. And then told I couldn’t take pictures here, or take pictures there. All in all, I felt very unwelcomed…. dont they know who I am ?? :)

The rest of the trip went well. I visited a few local restaurants recommended by Lorena (my airbnb host) and got some more pictures around town. The weather finally improved a bit on my last day but I was heading to the airport so I didn’t get to enjoy it.


So far my flights have been pretty good and the transfers to and from the airport also have been uneventful. I flew Vueling from Seville to Barcelona and Barcelona to Bordeaux. The planes are SMALL, like SUPER SMALL with what seems like VERY leg room. Furthermore, when going through security they took away my small ‘grooming’ scissors (not a big deal) but also took away my 2 pairs of ROBOGRIP pliers. These were a gift for a friend in Paris and I was pissed when they took them. I understand they are tools, but they are sealed in the blister packaging and would be impossible to open… (without the scissors they took at least)… I tried to plead with the guy a bit but it was no dice. Into the garbage they went. Sorry Bernard…

All in all, I don’t think I will be going back to Barcelona any time soon. I just think that there are nicer, more affordable, and honestly better cities in Spain to choose from.

Photos below of food, architecture, etc.

Park Guell skyline in barcelona some kind of cloister looking thing in barcelona's park guell by gaudi barcelona's park guell designed by gaudi, main entrance building a walkway in the park guell in barcelona by gaudi another shot from park guell in barcelona a bench in park guell barcelona one of gaudi's buildings in barcelona barcelona market candy chilis hanging in the market in barcelona barcelona-market-pomogranate olive oil in the market in barcelona le segrada familia jesus in barcelona by guadi main entrance to segrada famalia in barcelona by gaudi stained glass in la segrada famalia in barcelona by gaudi stairway and stained glass in segrada familia in barcelona by gaudithe organ in segrada familia in barcelona designed by gaudi

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