Cadiz, The South of Spain

Another beautiful area here in Spain. You can’t get much more south in spain than Cadiz and it’s beautiful beaches reflect that. I stayed with friends for 3 nights at their place in Chichlana de la frontera about 25 minutes outside of downtown Cadiz. They live in a house in a development community. It is super peaceful and quiet. My friends have a little pig like dog ‘coco’ who is a pug. It was cute and all but the fact that it was basically snot rocketing all over the place for my whole visit so that it could breathe caused the cuteness to ware off pretty quickly (I’m sure you pug owners out there know what I am talking about).

I arrived mid day on thursday and my hosts Juan and Violaine were there to receive me at their house. I had rented a car from seville (after checking out from my airbnb) and the drive took about 1.5 hours. Violaine had to get to class but was nice enough to have a keesh cooking in the oven for me and Juan. It was very good and a nice “welcome to town” meal. The plan was for Juan and me to head out, check out some of the local villages have some drinks and just relax. This was exactly what i needed after leaving seville, a relaxing, no rush, friendly couple of days.

Cadiz is a summer tourism spot and most of the towns we visited were fairly empty but I can still see the appeal and can see how this would be a summer hot spot. There is not too much to report on Cadiz. I had a great and relaxing couple of days. I got some photography done and also got some work done. I think I will come back here during the summer soon and, if everything goes according to plan, my hosts will be getting married in may of 2016 which sounds like as good of a time as any to make another trip.

Food photos at bottom

Vejer de la frontera in Spain: Scenic Vista vejer scenic vista

Vejer de la Frontera in Spain: random staircasevejer random staircase in spain

Vejer scenic vista through an archway in Andalusia Spain scenic vista overlooking vejer through archwaySunset from Andalusia Spain on the beachcadiz sunset from the beach by vejer Random dog in san petri, andalusia cadiz spainrandom dog on the beach in san petri by cadiz, spainBoy playing in the sunset in Andalusia, Spainkids in the sunset in cadiz spainA resting boat at La Catela in Cadiz, Spainboats on the beach in cadiz spainAnother shot from San Petri and the boats that dock there, some on the sand bar, some at the marina, some moored or shore. boats on the sand bar in san petri near cadiz spainAnother shot of a boat at La Catela …. the boat is called ‘morgan’a boat named morgan on the beach in cadizSome of the food (and a pic of the dog) from Cadiz

braised beef cheekbraised beef cheek in cadiz spaincoco the dog cadiz-cococroquettas de jamon cadiz croquettas homemade tortilla de patatas homemade tortilla de patatasjamon being sliced in the supermarket fresh jamon sliced in cadizsome kind of octopus dish with octopus foam some kind of octopus dish from cadiza salmon and avocado dish salmon and avocadosome kind of weird seafood and eggs combination a weird seafood omelette type thingstuffed peppers stuffed peppersa DELICIOUS foie and apple dish over some kind of amazing wine reduction sauce delicious foie and apples in a sauce in cadiz spain
chorizo and mojama (tuna)
chorizo and mojama in cadiz spain


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