Seville, Spain… Getting a little lonely

After 3 days in Seville I am starting to feel a little lonely. I have an airbnb here (when people have extra rooms they put them on airbnb and you can rent them) and my host is nice enough. However, he certainly is not a friend. He is not someone to share my experience with. And from such a great time with my hosts and friends in Madrid, this is a change for sure.

I think I’ve done a good job planning for the month of November though. I have a week with friends in Madrid. Then 4 days alone in Seville. Then 4 days with friends in Cadiz and then 4 days alone in Barcelona and about 2 weeks with friends in Bordeaux, Paris and Singapore.

Being alone isn’t all bad. I have as much time as I want to shoot my pics, visit the places I want, and spend as much time in whatever place I choose.

A girl sitting at a bar in Seville on the river:

girl sitting at a bar on the river in seville

I do find myself missing conversation a bit though. When I travel in the states for work or whatever you can always find a friendly soul in a bar or restaurant that you can chat with. But it’s difficult to do that here in Spain. It’s also hard to tell who speaks English and who doesn’t. Everyone looks Spanish which means they look relatively American. It’s not like I expect it will be when I get to Asia where you should be able to at least tell the foreigners from the locals.

Sevillle is a nice city. The weather is beautiful right now at just about 80 each day. Judging from the fact that everyone else is wearing jeans and long sleeves, I imagine its a bit colder than their average summer temp. There’s palm trees and generally not a cloud in the sky. It is considerably warmer then Madrid which is only about a 45 minute flight north of here.

My airbnb is about a 25 minute walk to the city center and you could pretty much walk the whole width of the city in about 45 minutes. They have a bikeshare program here similar to citibike in manhattan and it was included in my airbnb rental. I didn’t use it and instead opted for a bit more exercise. besides, using GPS/Google maps while riding a bike probably wouldn’t have been a great idea.

There’s not many big attractions here (in my opinion) with only about 5 or 6 must see sites. But the neighborhoods and general culture here is really interesting. Lots of places close for a couple hours for their afternoon siesta around 4/5 and reopen around 8. I haven’t experienced any of the nightlife here in Seville. By the time 8 or 9 rolls around I’ve had enough walking and I’m just ready to go back to the apartment and process some photos. Big change from Madrid where we’d eat dinner at 11. This is by my choice only. My host here is out until 12 or 1 at a film festival each night I’m assuming with friends.

The people here are friendly although I’ve had some difficulty finding people in shops or restaurants who speak English (especially in the less touristy neighborhood where my airbnb is). I find it funny that when I tell someone I don’t speak Spanish they continue to speak to me in Spanish and are confused when I don’t understand them.

Overall, this was a good experience. I’ve included some photos below.


The main building at Plaza de Espana at night:the plaza de espana in seville during the day

Main building at Plaza de Espana during the day:seville-plaza-de-espana-day-main-building

Cathedral de Seville’s “main ceiling” in warm tones:cathedral de seville main ceiling in warm tones


Cathedral de Seville in cool blue tones:cathedral de seville ceiling in blue and white

Girl sitting in square on street in Seville (thanks for unknowingly posing so well): seville--girl-sitting-and-posing

Croquettas de Jamon in Seville at a street side tapas place:seville Croquetas de Jamón


You guessed it.. MORE JAMON!!seville jamon


A lite and fresh mozzarella and tomato saladseville mozzeralla and tomato

Salmorejo de Camarones seville prawn salmojero

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