The Food in the Madrid Area of Spain

I realize I haven’t posted much about my thoughts on the food here in spain so far. I just get so into actually EATING the food that I forget to take a photo. Well here are some pics to make your mouth water a bit. Also, a short list of some of my favorite Spanish foods so far.

Jamón, fuet, chorizo, tortilla [very similar to a fritatta with eggs and potatoes and jamón (or other ingredients) in a sort-of ‘egg pie’], TAPAS (all different kinds of small plates of food (see pics below), croquettes [filled with mashed potatoes with jamón, chicken or cod].

Some food porn:

Homemade Paella from one of my hosts. This was delicious. It was rice and seafood including prawns, calamari/squid, a bit of chicken, etc. AWESOME.

paella in madrid

more tapas with jamon eggs and fries

Hot tapas from Lizarran in Aranjuez. This place was pretty good. They actually have locations in Aranjuez, Madrid, NYC, California and more. They ring a bell every time they have hot/fresh tapas made so you can come up and look and see if you want something.

Tapas places here are interesting (maybe it’s tapas places everywhere, but I haven’t been to any that I can remember in NYC). They walk around with pieces of food on plates and you can just grab them from the waiter (they keep track with a toothpic in each piece and when you are all done with the meal, they count them). Or, you can go up to the bar where they are making/displaying the plates and just grab what you like. The best thing about this was the cost. It was super cheap and with 7 of us eating the total bill came out to around 35 Euros.


Photo 1 of eels (?), eggs, potatoes

madrid tapas with eels, eggs and potato fries

photo 2 of jamon, eggs, potatoes

more tapas with jamon eggs and fries

Photo 3 of bacon and egg on bread

tapas in madrid

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