OK, Madrid Nightlife… YOU win…

Well, that was a hell of a night. I haven’t partied that hard or that late since I was in college. Since people don’t eat dinner here in spain until about 11pm, you can understand why the big clubs here stay open until 6am (or later).

One of my hosts is celebrating her birthday this week and she had a big celebration with 20 or so of her friends in the city. I thought it would be useful to grab an airbnb apartment so we didn’t have to worry about getting back to Aranjuez (which is about a 45 minute train ride from the city) after the club. This proved very useful and we were able to find accommodations right by the club. It was a good thing too because we got pretty hammered and I don’t know if the girls would have made it all the way home otherwise.

We started the night out in the airbnb ‘apartment’ (which was actually a hotel which I would have realized had I taken more time when booking the reservation. However, it was pretty last minute so we were just looking for a place that was close and affordable). One of Andrea’s (bday girl) friends came with us and made some dinner to bring to the apartment. We picked up some booze and some bread and we were ready to go.

We ate and got ready at the ‘apartment’ and left around 1030 to go to the first bar where we would have a few drinks, meet up with her friends and hang until around 3:00am when we would go to the actual club. Now, I used to party just as hard as anyone back in the day, but I have not drank until 6 in the morning in a long time. I did my best to pace myself and I did a pretty good job.

The first place we went to was a normal bar but was interesting because before you entered you had to sign up for what was essentially the bar’s private credit card. I was like “no way” and told them I was a from the US and didn’t want to. But essentially you gave the doorman 5 Euros and then you could buy 2 drinks on the card when you got inside. I’ve never seen anything like this and really don’t understand the point. I get it if they want your information so they can market to you later on, but this is excessive for sure.  Anyway, I was handed drink tickets instead of the credit card. The other ridiculous thing was the ticket was good for two drinks, but the bartender said it had to be the SAME drink. So I had to find someone else that wanted whiskey or I’d just have to have 2 drinks at once… sillyness. O, well.

Spain has been fairly inexpensive for the most part. From the supermarkets, to meals, to drinks at the bar, everything is really reasonably priced. For example, I grabbed a bottle of jack daniels from a bodega to pregame (drink before the bar) with and it costs about 17 euros. That same bottle would have easily been $38-$45 in a bodega in manhattan. I found out after that booze is even cheaper at supermarkets (we just picked up some wine for dinner at it was 1.99 euros. Thats like 3 bucks for a bottle of wine!!! (not in a box).

So we hung out and drank and partied at the first bar until we were ready to head to the actual club around 3.

My new friend Guido with champagne.

guido with champagne


This place was similar to a club you would find in NYC. Loud music, big dance floor surrounded by tables for bottle service, fire blasting all over the place and confetti falling from the ceiling. (this seems very dangerous to me lol. You have highly flammable paper confetti falling from the ceiling and getting burnt on the way down by this giant machine that blasts fire).

madrid spain, tclub

We partied at the club until about 5:30am when Andrea had had enough :). Not much more to report about the club. We drank, we danced… it was a good time. We got back to the hotel around 6:00am and went to sleep.

Overall it was a really good time. It took me back a little bit partying with 22 and 23 year olds. Made me feel a bit like an old man (at 29) but hey, I kept up.


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