And The Journey Begins!!!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step”….

So here we go.

I am now sitting, comfortably, in the Admirals Club in Terminal 8 in New York City’s JFK Airport. I got to the airport a few hours early because I wanted to make sure I could get some priority seating. I have a little trick (which I have discussed before) that generally allows me to get bulkhead seating especially on domestic flights. I would normally call ahead to get those but when you book through a partner airline (booked on AA for flight on Air Berlin) they didn’t allow me to to pre book.

I waited on the priority line to speak to a reservations agent (even though I’m not priority for Air Berlin).  I was able to get bumped over to a supervisor to discuss my seating issue. As of now (bearing any unforeseen issues) I have bulkhead aisle seating for my flight to Berlin and then my flight to Madrid. HOORRAY (knock on wood).

So I was hoping to get through security with my Global Entry access to TSA Precheck however Air Berlin apparently doesn’t participate yet. (it’s impossible to keep track of all these programs and who is included with which ones. Security wasn’t that bad. 25 minutes or so to get through. I had a couple ROBOGRIP pliers in my bag for a friend in France who apparently can’t get them there. Bag check!! (no big deal as I was not in a rush).

Club Access:

So I wasn’t sure what kind of access I would/could get as far as Airport Lounges this trip. I have both Priority Pass [select] and my American Express Platinum Card. Both come with tons of lounge accesses all over the world, however it seems like every time you NEED it, it’s not available in that airport, or with that lounge, or you don’t have the right kind of boarding pass, etc.

Well I am hoping for the best this year and got started off on a good foot with access to the Admirals Club here at Terminal 8 in JFK.

It’s a pretty substantial lounge. They have free snacks and beverages including well drinks and beer (I think). They have waiter service and bar tenders. TV’s all over the place and TONS of power outlets and comfy chairs/couches. Business center with computers and Free Wifi included throughout the lounge. Not sure if they have showers in this one. It’s really all you need. (not sure if they have showers)

new york city admirals club at jfk airport



If you know the first thing about me, you know I can’t turn down a free drink. Well, it just so happens that as I was walking INTO the lounge, a couple was walking OUT. The gentlemen called me over and handed me two free ‘premium drink’ vouchers. “I won’t be able to use these” he says “would you like them”… “yes please!!”.

And off to the bar I went.

Admirals Club JFK drink tickets.


A snack and a drink makes me a happy camper. This is certainly better and more comfortable then hanging in the terminal by the gate with the ‘normal folk’. I’m starting to get a bit spoiled when it comes to domestic travel at least and I have a feeling I’m in store for a bit of a rude awakening in some of the airports I’ll be visiting where it won’t be as easy to sweet talk the cute receptionists behind the counters.

drink and snacks


I’ll be waiting here for the next couple hours for my flight (which is now delayed by 35minutes). They are going to make an announcement with any flight updates or boarding prompts (would be nice if they had a couple of TV’s that displayed flight information).

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