Trip Report: Santa Barbara, California

Flying to lax from JFK on JetBlue:

Got to the airport right around 6am this morning for a 7am fight for a wedding in Santa Barbara this weekend. My friends had gotten there a bit earlier and where already through security at the gate.

When I travel, especially domestically, I have a little trick which I use to help me get front row seating and some other benefits (on JetBlue you get a priority line for security and priority boarding at the gate). I can’t share this trick with you though. I’m going to keep it as my little secret… sorry

Anyway, I got through the initial id check fairly quickly but the security/x-ray area was a mess. They were actually closing down lines even though there were longer lines building up.  I had a crying child in front of me and some of the dumbest packers in front of me.  I’m sorry, is this your first time in an airport? You should know the drill. No liquids over whatever ounces, take your shoes and metal off etc etc.

Anyway, I got to the gate as they were just about to start boarding. Checked with the gate agent to make sure I was good to go with my pre boarding and off we went.

I love getting on the plan first. As a frequent flyer I absolutely despise waiting for people to board ahead of me.  Get your shit in the overhead and sit down. You can always get back to it once everyone is on the plane. I also love making sure that I have a place for my stuff.

Flying JetBlue is always a pleasure. The seats are comfortable, the TVs are great and the unlimited snacks and drinks are certainly not something to scoff at. On this particular flight Steve’s TV decided to just stop working. Just like that. He was watching and then, nothing. He politely mentioned it to the stewardess and she offered a free drink and a newspaper and a voucher. Now I was intrigued. “What kind of voucher” I wondered. Well he got a 15$ off his next flight. Just then, my buddy (who was also in our row) had the same problem. More drinks and more vouchers. The flight attendant even offered me the same even though my TV was fine. Did I take it? Of course I did!! I know ill use that.

This is something I’ve noticed about JetBlue. They will go out of their way to please you. On more than one occasion I’ve had my entire booze bill for the flight comp’d. Once on the way to Vegas for a wedding with 10 other guys, and again on the way to Puerto rice for a bachelor party (again there was about 15 of us). No joke, on the way to Puerto rice the stewardess actually gave me a bag full of beer saying, “shhh, this is for you and your friends, enjoy”.  Yes, and thank you very much!!!!

I always try to spark up a conversation with my seat mates, especially on longer flights. Steve, my seat mate today, is a super nice guy. He lives outside San Francisco and went to school in San Diego (where we a going for a few days after the wedding). He was kind enough to offer us lots of tips for places to visit while down in SD.

Furthermore, you never know what may come from your conversations. Steve has a buddy that lives in NY and summers in Greece with his family. “O, you don’t say, I’ve been thinking of going to Greece”, I say ever so nicely.  “Well I can put you in touch with my buddy, no problem” Steve replies as I hoped he would. Now this may not work out at all, but it is certainly worth a shot and perhaps my next big trip will be to Greece and Italy and such next year. (I’ll start saving miles/points now).

We are making our final approach. I’ll try and keep the blog updated with any other tips or tricks as the weekend goes along and also some general “trip report” information.



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