Trip Report: Santa Barbara, California pt.2

Picking up car at hertz:

This was a pretty standard pick up in my opinion.  The only thing that was a problem was that when I booked the trip through JetBlue getaways it removed my eligibly for the hertz gold. This was a little inconvenient (although not very).  I still went into the “vip” section anyway and the rest of the rental process was standard

Santa Barbara

We drove from Lax to Santa Barbara. We took the more inland route and planned to take the more coastal route on the way from Santa Barbara to lax after our wedding.

We stayed at the Coast Village inn a couple block away from the Four Seasons (where the wedding was). It was a small property but the front desk service was very good and the room was acceptable.  The beds (2 queens) were very comfortable. There wasn’t much common space in the room. There was a decent size walk in closet which I would have gladly traded for a bit more “walking around space”.

As I said, we decided to drive down the coast on our way to Los Angeles (for the Dodgers last game of the year). I punched “Malibu” into the GPS and we were off.  The view was totally worth a bit of extra time. It was a really beautiful drive and was glad we made that decision.

Jeanine’s bakery

We were offered a $5/day/person voucher from the hotel for a restaurant down the block. I didn’t think much of this when we got them and figured the place was probably like a Starbucks or coffee shop. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The food here was EXCELLENT!!

From the lobster eggs Benedict to the (perhaps slightly too sweet) French toast to the dungeonous crab omelet, everything exceeded our expectations.


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