US Airways vs AAdvantage Dining Programs


So I thought I was a real smarty pants today. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from American Airlines inviting me to join their dining program. I was like… “What is this shit?”. After reading a little bit about it, I discovered the basics. [as in the past, I wont provide too much details as I don’t want to be misquoted. you can look this stuff up on your own, its not hard to find].

Essentially, you join the dining club and enter your credit cards that you use on a regular basis into their system. I just entered all the cards in my wallet that I had any chance of using while out. There is no cost to do this, nor does there seem to be a maximum number of cards or any fee for additional cards or any charges to your card.

Next, you use those cards at one of the 10 thousand plus restaurants that are in the system. NOTE: I am not looking for these restaurants to go to specifically. I am sure that would help you gain miles, but that’s not what it’s about for me. My mentality is if I am going to a place anyway, and it happens to be part of the program, and there is no extra work on my part, why not get the free miles. Seems to make sense to me. Anyway, moving on….

So today I received an offer to join the US Airways Dining Club (I recently signed up for a US Airways card). I was like, hmmmm … I wonder if American will notice I joined this club too and I wonder if I can “double dip”.

Well, in short, the answer is YES they will notice and NO you cant double dip.

Literally within minutes of putting my cards into the US Air dining club system I received notification from American that those cards would be removed from the American dining system. Truthfully, I think its the same system between the two, probably just “white labeled” or branded for the individual airline.

So, best intensions and such, I guess I can only use one club. I removed my cards from US Air and put them back into American as I believe American miles are more useful and valuable.

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