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I thought it would be a good idea to get some ‘practice’ for the big trip I have coming up in November. So, in that spirit, I’ll try to post similar information and updates about 2 trips I have coming up. The first is a wedding in Santa Barbara next week (September 27 – October 1). The next is a short trip to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival which is (October 9-12).

Wedding Fun and San Diego on the side:

So my good buddy Randy is getting married over on the west coast (where his wife’s family is from). The wedding itself is on Saturday with the rehearsal dinner on Friday. I linked up with 3 of my other friends and we made plans to extend the trip through Tuesday and hit San Diego starting Sunday. I always try to extend trips like this. The way I figure it, I’ve paid for the flight out here, may as well make the most of it. I haven’t been to San Diego before but I’ve heard great things about the town and especially the weather. So I’m certainly looking forward to it.

A bit about our arrangements:

I was able to book some pretty good arrangements through JetBlue Getaways where I booked the flight, car and San Diego Hotel. I booked the Santa Barbara hotel separately because there were very few options close to where the wedding was.

Roundtrip Flights into LAX from JFK [for 4] $1,315.00
Rental Car w/ Hertz $184.00
San Diego Hotel [Doubletree] $254.00
Santa Barbara Hotel [Coast Village Inn] $431.36
Total Trip Cost for 4 $2,184.36

Cost Per Person $546.09

If I had thought more about the hotel portion of this I probably could have saved us a couple of dollars by using points but I figured it would make things more complicated when trying to figure out what each person’s share would be.

NOTE: I will be using my Amex Platinum to get their rental insurance offering. This is a ‘free’ add-on with the Platinum Card (and perhaps some of their other card offerings) which allows you to book the car on your card and Amex will automatically charge you $25/rental. You should check with Amex for all the nitty gritty on this offering but basically they become your primary insurance. If you get into an accident you won’t have to report it and they cover you for a huge deductible. I had my rental car broken into in Winnipeg and told Amex about it and they handled the whole thing. SIDE NOTE: make sure to put the rental on the card. If you only give them the card when you pick up the car, this is not good enough.

Denver: Great American Beer Festival:

This is a pretty short trip. My cousin Micah invited me to join him and a few of his buddies for a couple of days in Denver. I booked the flight on JetBlue for 256.80 (figured it wouldn’t be worth using my points for this and instead book the trip with my JetBlue Amex and racked up some points). Additionally, I’ll be flying into Denver and arriving late. Late enough that I am just going to stay at the airport hotel and meet my cousin when he arrives early the next morning. It made more sense to fly in late because of the price of the flight and the limited flight options going out there.

I am looking forward to this trip as it will be the first one I’ve taken with my cousin and his friends and also I’m really into beer. I enjoy tasting beers from all over the world so this will obviously be a good time to do that. The plan is to hit the beer festival Thursday and hike around Boulder on Friday. We’re set up for a nice meal Friday night before I leave (hopefully I’ll watch the alcohol consumption at dinner :) ).

So, I’ll try to keep the site updated as the trips approach and pass. Hope you’re enjoying.

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