Rental Car Headache

Dealing with a big headache right now that I have been known about and have put off for a couple weeks. Automatic Transmission rental cars in Europe.

I visited France last year and needed to rent a car for about 6 days. I needed a large van type car because we were going to be traveling with 4-5 adult males with some camera gear and luggage. I realized then that the price difference for an automatic vs a manual transmission was pretty stark.  While my father (who was accompanying me) said that he could drive manual (he hasn’t done that in about 35 years) i thought it best that we fork over the extra money for a car that we could both drive. Besides, he graciously agreed to cover the cost of that since i was making most of the other arrangements for the trip.

However, here I am a year and a half later, finding myself in need of another rental and facing a rental car bill of some $400+ for 6 days in France (plus a possible $150+ for 3 days in Cadiz, Spain.

So what to do?

I spoke with a friend of mine who used to work for Enterprise here in the states because I foolishly thought, “O, I can just rent a manual transmission and learn how to drive it before I leave”. I was informed by my buddy that I will be hard pressed to find a rental car company here that carries a manual. After some research, this is proving to be true.

My next and seemingly only other option now is to find a friend who will let me learn on their car. However, I do not know anyone off the top of my head with a stick shift and can’t even remember riding in a stick since i was around 10 (even then I remember discussing how “nobody drives these things anymore”).

So, I may be SOL (shit outta luck) as they say.

Hoping for the best.

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