Im Nervous…

We all get a bit nervous when planning our travel and during it. Its just human nature (in my opinion). There are a few things I am nervous about and thought that it would be good to share. After all, that’s what this site is going to be all about. Sharing who I am and the travels I embark on.

Im Nervous About… Where I’ll Stay:

I am not super nervous about the first leg of my trip (the Spain and France part). I was in both of these countries last year, stayed with the same people and had a GREAT time. However, I will also be visiting 4 cities (Seville, Barcelona, Cadiz, Paris) within those countries which I have NOT been to yet and also staying in 2 of them with accommodations I found on AirBNB (see below if you don’t know what that is). Furthermore, I will be visiting Thailand and Tokyo and Singapore all of which are completely foreign (no pun intended) to me.

I have chosen to go with the “private room” option for AirBNB which means I will be staying in someone’s house or apartment while they are likely there. This seemed to be a better option for me because I have never been to these places (Seville, Barcelona, Bangkok, Tokyo) and from what I read of the reviews, the hosts are all super friendly and welcoming and helpful. They will show you around a bit, introduce you to their friends and point you in the best direction for sightseeing, food, etc.

So, I’ve figured out where I am staying:
With friends in Madrid and Cadiz (Spain), Bordeaux and Paris (France) and Singapore.
I have AirBNB in Barcelona, Seville, Bangkok and Tokyo
I used points for Chiang Mai and Phuket (Thailand)

What I’ll Wear:

No, I am not a fashionista or anything. I’m not overly concerned with looking ‘good’. I’m more concerned about what to pack for the different climates I will be visiting. Most of Spain and France will be comparable temperatures to here in NY during November/December. So I will need jeans and a hoodie. But then we go to Singapore and Thailand where it should be more tropical and I will be doing a lot of water related trips (diving, beach, fishing, etc) and then over to Tokyo where it should be in the 50’s when I am there (mid December).

So, how do I pack for this. I am considering a combination of sending myself clothes (from here to Thailand and from Paris to Tokyo) and perhaps buying some stuff along the way. (Besides, I haven’t really done much clothes shopping in like 2 years anyway, so I’m kinda do… right?)

If I Will Understand The Language:

This is a big one for me (as is the next). I do NOT like being lost and I do NOT like having no idea what is going on. I took spanish in high school and, as my parents can attest, barely passed my 2 years. I still can understand it by reading a little bit but really can’t speak it at all.  One of the highlights of my trip last year was sitting at a computer with one of my hosts and typing our conversation through Google Translate…. that was hilarious

As for French, I don’t even understand how the French understand themselves, much less how I am supposed to. From my trip last year it seemed like speaking in French consisted of leaving out a lot of letters from words and pronouncing words correctly was therefore very difficult for me.

Here’s me being a typical dumb American… I’m not even sure what languages they speak in Singapore, Thailand or Tokyo [Japanese, right?]

If I’ll Have Internet/Data:

I am still debating what kind of electronics I will be bringing with me. I have a pretty expensive laptop and the only reason I would consider bringing that (as opposed to buying a cheap netbook or something) is the ability (or lack there of with the netbook) of processing photos and using skype type tools.

I purchased an Unlocked WIFI/MIFI unit to hopefully give me internet access on the computer and hopefully my iPhone. This little bugger came highly recommended from the blogs I’ve been reading and I am hoping for the best. Apparently you just buy a sim card from a local (like in the airport) cell phone store and you’re good to go. I expect this should work pretty well in France and Spain while my hopes are not as high for Thailand.

I use google maps every single day and I hate hate hate being lost, so I am hoping for the best when it comes to these things actually working and integrating with maps.

The safety of my electronics:

I will be traveling with some kind of computer as well as my camera, a Sony Nex 5r, along with a couple of lens and other accessories. For those of you that don’t know me, I am about 5’11 and in pretty decent shape. I am not super concerned for my own personal, physical safety (knock on wood) but I am concerned about my gear. Leaving it at places and hotels and AirBNBs etc.

The plan is to not check any bags (is this a bad idea being that I will be away for 45 days?? lol) so I am hoping for the best when it comes to airplane luggage compartment sizes and that my stuff will be able to fit. The LAST thing I want to do is check my bags (one for the cost and two for the lack of care luggage handlers generally take).

That’s it for my fears and such for now. I’ll post again with other emotions later on as things come up.

[AirBNB is a place for people who have either private rooms or full apartments (or houses) available for rent. I am completely new to AirBNB so I am hoping for the best. I did a lot of research and read the reviews that previous travelers left about the place and the owners.]

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