A Couple GREAT Offers

Want to get a round trip for you and your significant other (SO) to Europe and 4 nights at one of the nicest hotels in Paris, essentially for FREE? Keep reading.

There are a couple of offers that I wanted to mention right off the bat that played a huge part in getting me to where I want to go. There are tons of credit cards out there to choose from and tons of clubs and frequent flyer type programs to join but to me, these two are NO BRAINERS.

Granted, your credit score is going to play a big role in whether or not you are approved for credit cards and also the types of rewards you will get and the credit limits on those cards. But, if you can, here is a great suggestion.

The AAdvantage Credit card (I believe offered by Citi and both visa and mastercard) and the Hyatt Credit Card (chase, I have a visa one) are perfect for your next vacation. You’ll have to do your own research on the sites I mentioned in this post in order to find the best location to apply and offers to utilize but here is what I got. If you are going to be traveling with a SO then you BOTH should be opening cards (in your own names and not as “additional card holders”).

Being that I am single but do have a business, I open a personal version of all cards and then a business version (as long as they have one and as long as the offer still makes sense).

When I opened the business version of this card which required a minimum spend of $3,000 over a 3 month period (I was able to use this to pay my rent for one month). The personal version of the card was a bit less at $1,000/3 months.

After hitting those minimum spends I was awarded 40,000 American Airlines Miles PER CARD (totaling 80,000 miles). NOTE: the lowest cost awards fare to Spain or France that I have found (both in 2011 and for this trip in 2013) was 20,ooo miles. So to recap. Two of these cards means 2 roundtrip flights to Europe (or other variations of whatever you may need).

Hyatt Card:
NOTE: There didn’t/doesn’t seem to be any business versions of this card. :( – but for those of you that do have a SO you can open 2 personal cards and get the following offer.

Spend: $1,000/3 months gives you TWO FREE NIGHTS at any Hyatt Property in the world.

This card is ALL OVER the blogs and websites that I have been reading and everyone really loves it. It really does work, there doesn’t seem to be any blackouts and I have confirmed over the phone that I can go ahead and use this card at the $780/night (standard room) Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris or the $450+/night Park Hyatt in Tokyo (just to name a couple).

So, lets recap. Open the 2 American Airlines cards and the 2 Hyatt cards and you’ve got 4 free nights and enough miles to get you pretty much anywhere. NOTE: the most expensive one way flight that I have come across (economy with rewards) was 35K.

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